Business Training Like No Other
starTraining that teaches concepts and practices uniquely relevant only to small businesses; not corporate MBA-based material like everyone else.

starParticipants schedule their own work time with our teaching materials as a prelude to group scheduled, online interactions.

How Our Online Training Works
starFour owners form a group of non-competing small businesses. They get to know one another via email exchanges and an online group meeting.

starThe group then enters one of our teaching modules. Thought and practice sessions guide them through a series of topics in which they execute reading and task assignments, sharing their planning solutions with each other by email exchanges and in a concluding online group discussion.

What You Learn From Our $90 Training Modules
THOUGHT & PRACTICE sessions highlight concepts unique to the operation of small businesses

How to make these concepts work in your own small business is the subject for study using online interactive group learning, an entrepreneurial round table approach.


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