Self Qualifying Exercise

(Before registering for a module)
You need to understand that the training module you wish to register for will introduce an entirely new approach to what you need to learn if you are to become truly successful. This learning path is very different from anything normally offered as “business education”.
Only if all members of the group are equally motivated will group learning techniques integral to the success of this approach be achieved. This means making sure every group member will find the time to execute the hard work required to successfully complete any module in a timely fashion. So you need to think about this. That is why we have introduced the following self-qualifying exercise before you actually register for a module. So click on the Introduction.


1. The Business Education Paradox
Why does current business education co-exist with a 70% failure rate in business start-ups?

2. The Small Business Space
Why do we need a term as a label for the social, psychological, and philosophic environment within which all small businesses can comfortably fit?

3. The Social Significance of the Small Business Space
What is the potential social impact of businesses in the small business space?